WidgetAI FAQs

WidgetAI transforms any image anywhere into a consumer communications channel using programmable AI or human interaction. It’s designed for businesses of all sizes seeking to increase contextual customer interactions using AI or human personnel. 

Within seconds of viewing a WidgetAI image, messaging is initiated to engage consumers. The messaging is through the image the consumer selects, making the conversation subject-based and highly contextual.

Anywhere and everywhere: social media, websites, blogs, search engines, through QR codes, tags, and packaging. WidgetAI images can also be shared person-2-person, distributed by email, or SMS. 

Yes. Any image and up to 50 images per title. They can be configured for a single product, SKU, pricing offer, or customer segment. WidgetAI answers customer questions quickly, gets them to buy, place an order, visit a retail location, or address their support issues.

Nope. The image is the conduit for all consumer communications. It’s a patent-pending technology that doesn’t use phone numbers, SMS, email, apps or require signup. It also tracks every consumer interaction and image in detail.

Nope. WidgetAI doesn’t use carrier-based communications regulated by the FCC (like SMS or phone numbers) and has no TCPA restrictions. This means you can promote product benefits, offer discounts, and use images.

With the click of an image by either party. WidgetAI “remembers” all conversation threads and picks up where the chat left off. This allows support teams and representatives to access customer information easily through stored interactions.

Nope. WidgetAI has been designed to be completely DIY. Just pick a title, drag and drop related images, add descriptive files on pricing and product benefits, and WidgetAI does the rest. However, if you need help, use one of our support widget icons on the www.widgetgpt.co dashboard, or subscribers can call our tech support phone number.

No problem. We’ve programmed keywords like “Stop,” “Agent,” “Quit,” etc. to instantly convert the chat into live interaction with designated personnel on your team.

It can, and there are some advantages. First, it has no FCC/TCPA limits for SMS messaging in regulated markets. It’s not a carrier-based service like SMS, so there are double-opt-in, restricted words, limits on detailing product benefits, special offers, promotions, or use of images. It’s also 80% less expensive than comparable SMS messaging, and there’s never a per-message fee.

Absolutely, it’s designed for it. Every WidgetAI image includes a support button; when tapped by the customer, it elevates the conversation to a support priority and immediately notifies your support team. Support can be conducted through AI or directly with designated personnel on your team. 

Since a WidgetAI image is specific to a product or service, customers are not required to remember support ticket numbers or the history of their support interaction – it’s all contained in the image metadata. More importantly, this provides detailed information to your support team through the product image and title, expediting answers and solutions to your customers (see www.widgetgpt.co  website for video).

Yes, both. WidgetAI has a built-in automatic CRM system that captures customer information and provides real-time attribution. Since all consumer interactions are tracked through WidgetAI analytics, you will get instant feedback on selling and promoting a product, select the best images, marketing outlets, and suggested pricing — all based on actual results. 

WidgetAI images can also be distributed by any SMS or MMS account. However, there may be some restrictions on regulated vertical markets like cannabis imposed by the FCC/TCPA that are not a factor, with images distributed directly using WidgetAI.

In most cases, yes. As every system has differences, our support team will help you integrate and merge your CRM/POS system. If you need help, use one of our Support Widgets on the dashboard, email us at [email protected], or use the customer tech support phone number.

Nope. Never.

No. Zero. Zip. None.

Yes. WidgetAI can link to your POS system and/or use weekly beginning and ending inventory data. To ensure availability for your customers, WidgetGPT has an automatic redirect feature that directs them to available related products. 

Because WidgetGPT images are very specific (e.g., a single product, SKU, date, time, marketing outlet, and consumer segment), we can track attribution in real time on a very granular basis. This includes individual consumer responses, messages, time of day, the image or promo that generated the response, and the source of the consumer contact.

Yup. We offer an embedding tool for websites, blogs, newsletters, etc. If you need help, we have support available at [email protected] we also have a customer tech support phone number for subscribers.

All plans are flat-rate, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscriptions and include:
Unlimited images and image creation, distribution
Sharing tools for distribution on social media
Embedding tools for websites, blogs, emails, newsletters, and SMS distribution
Detailed graphic attribution and analytics
Built-in real-time CRM
Built-in customer support buttons
QR code generator
Distribution tools for SMS and email
WidgetAI customer setup and support
Inventory upload and auto-direct

We have several introductory offers, including a “ Promotion” for the first 100 contract subscribers (see terms in Pricing & Service Agreement Section at www.widgetgpt.co )

Both. LeafWidgetAI excels in new customer generation as AI-enabled images can go anywhere and everywhere new consumers are found. LeafWidgetAI images can also be distributed through CRM, via email, SMS, and MMS, embedded in websites, or by employing QR codes in swag and packaging to stimulate new business with existing customers.

No. Your account is ready to go. Enter the temporary password in the intro email, and your account will go live. When you subscribe to one of our plans, you can arrange payment through a credit card or ACH.

It starts the day you activate your account with the password and continues over the next 30 consecutive days. After that, you’ll be prompted to subscribe to a paid account. Since you’re a free-trial user, you can get a sizable discount for your subscription, up to 80% off.

No. Use as many images and distributions as you want over the trial period. Our subscriptions are also unlimited.